Film Blog: Strangers

January 28, 2013 - Week 01

Story 1. Neighbors

Plot: Neighbors is a collection of short snip-its showing incidences that occur between two strangers. The story opens up to two babies in the same hospital nursery: a girl and a boy. As the story progresses, you see that these two people quite frequently pass by each other: at the grocery store, the gas station, the mall, etc. Every time, they have very short interactions such as asking for change or picking up something the other dropped - yet, they never become acquaintances. The story closes as the two people are laid to rest in the same graveyard.

Mood: Bittersweet - the feeling that time is passing by. Should not be a sad story.

Aesthetic: Illustrative Watercolor Style. Lots of Light and Strong Colors.


Visual Sketches:


Story 2. Creation

Plot: It’s summer time and a group of kids have nothing to do. They’re sent to clean the garage. Surprisingly, as they look around at the junk, their brains begin to create new ways of having fun. As a result, they create their own playground. (This is a theory of how the first playground was created.)

Mood: Lazy, Hot, Vibrant